The Healing Powers of Olive Oil
Discover The Amazing Powers of Olive Oil!
Lose weight . . . Lower cholesterol and blood pressure . . .
Prevent heart disease and cancer . . . and much, much more.
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Olive OilIn Italy olive oil always has been an integral part of the culture. But Italians also have long known of its health benefits and healing properties. Whether the problem is a case of sunburn, persistent earaches, or dry hair, Italians traditionally have turned to olive oil.

Now, new research highlighting the healing qualities of extra virgin olive oil not only confirms these uses but also reveals even more beneficial effects from its use.

Whether a malady is heart disease, diabetes, digestion, or age-related deterioration, olive oil has been shown to be beneficial in its prevention and treatment.

In this book, The Healing Powers of Olive Oil, author Cal Orey has consulted top doctors, nutritionists, olive oil producers, and chefs, bringing together all you'll ever need to know about the healing powers of this liquid gold and showing you how to start improving your health right away!

  • Lower your risk of heart disease and cancer
  • Enhance your immune system
  • Prevent cancer
  • Stave off diabetes
  • Fight fat
  • Help turn back the clock on aging
  • Add years to your life
  • Fight infections
  • Soothe inflammation
  • Ward off arthritis
  • Stop pain
  • Deter memory loss
  • Help beat osteoporosis

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Discover 30 Amazing Folk
Remedies You Can Use Every Day

One tablespoon of olive oil has the power to wipe out the cholesterol-raising effects of two eggs. You can take years off your biological age by changing your diet and lifestyle — and olive oil can play a vital role.

Olive oil also is considered one of the most popular folk remedies. Orey reveals more than 30 amazing folk remedies where olive oil plays a key role, including:

  • Beating bladder infections
  • Helping heal skin burns naturally
  • Curing coughs
  • Easing constipation
  • Curing dandruff
  • Relieving diaper rash
  • And much, much more . . .
Discover all 30 amazing folk remedies in The Healing Powers of Olive Oil today!


PLUS You Get More Than 50 Delicious Recipes
That Make Olive Oil Part of a Long, Healthy Life!

Olive oil has been praised by leading health experts as one of Mother Nature's most healthful fats. And now, olive oil is making news worldwide and is here to stay in homes, restaurants, and even fast-food chains!

People from all walks of life, including some olive oil pioneers and contemporary medical experts, believe olive oil helps fight body fat, keeps blood pressure down, and combats heart disease. It's also known to help relieve colds and maintain healthy skin.

Jean Carper, a leading authority on health and nutrition, points out that new Italian research finds olive oil contains antioxidants similar to those found in tea and red wine that fight heart disease, including LDL cholesterol's ability to clog arteries.

This book will show you how using olive oil is one of the best things you can do for yourself — and your health! One of the best things is that you DON'T have to swallow a tablespoon a day. Orey has included more than 50 recipes to help heal your body, mind and spirit.

Olive oil is like "virtual youth in a bottle." Start living a more healthy life today!

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