Francis: A Pope For Our Time

Is He a Reformer or Radical?

FrancisHe washes the feet of the poor. He opts to live in a small apartment, rather than the opulent Vatican suites.

His humility has made him globally popular. He has been named Time's Man of the Year.

But traditionalists are worried that he may move the Church's teaching to a more open and liberal approach, one that espouses socialism over capitalism.

When Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio was elected to Saint Peter's Throne this year in one of the briefest conclaves in history, he was quick to set a new tone for the Church and its 1.2 billion followers.

For many he has rekindled a sense of hope, for others his break from tradition is troubling.

But many wonder what the Pope's real agenda is.

Who is this new Catholic leader?

And most importantly, how will he change the Church?

Now a newly released book Francis: A Pope for Our Time, The Definitive Biography tells the real story about Francis, revealing for the first time his background in Argentina, his youth, call to faith, humble beginnings as a priest, and rise through Argentina's ecclesiastical ranks, all the way to the Vatican.

The book emphasizes that to understand the new Pope you must understand his life and times in Argentina, revealed by his friends, closest associates and even his harshest critics.

The authors, both well-known Argentine journalists — Luis Rosales and Daniel Olivera — leave no stone unturned. They offer a compelling and surprising case about the new Pope's real agenda — one every Catholic and non-Catholic should read.

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